Smart Tire Inflator


The Smart Tire Inflator is a technologically advanced air pump designed for easy and accurate tire inflation. Its intelligent features include automatic pressure sensing and preset modes for different tire types. This compact and portable device also comes equipped with an LED display and a built-in rechargeable battery for on-the-go convenience.

Rated voltage: 12v
Product size: 172X70X55mm
Rated power: 60w
Product battery: 6000mah
Charging method: USB charging

Function: inflatable, flashlight, SOS rescue, charging treasure, lighting
List: air pump, charging cable, three needles, flannel bag,
SOS rescue light: press once for lighting, twice for warning, and three times for rescue
Unit: Bar, Psi, Kpa, Ks/m2, long press C to switch
Mode: car, electric car, bicycle, ball game, single press C to switch